Amaayo Publishing is a dynamic institution that specializes in providing publishing services for books with ISBN, facilitating journal institution registration with ISSN, and assisting in the submission of Intellectual Property Rights (Haki) for outstanding works by Indonesian authors.

As a reputable publishing entity, Amaayo Publishing plays a vital role in enabling authors to share their knowledge and creativity with a wider audience. The institution offers professional book publishing services, ensuring that each publication is assigned a unique International Standard Book Number (ISBN). This not only enhances the credibility of the published works but also facilitates their identification and accessibility in the global marketplace.

In addition to book publishing, Amaayo Publishing also supports academic institutions and researchers in registering their journals with International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSN). By assisting in the journal institution registration process, the institution helps establish a distinct identity for these scholarly publications. This recognition fosters a sense of legitimacy and facilitates the dissemination of research findings to a broader readership.

Furthermore, Amaayo Publishing actively promotes and safeguards the intellectual property rights of Indonesian creators. The institution provides guidance and assistance in submitting applications for Intellectual Property Rights (Haki). This includes copyright protection and recognition for exceptional works produced by individuals or organizations in Indonesia. By ensuring the legal protection of intellectual property, Amaayo Publishing fosters an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and fair acknowledgment of the contributions made by Indonesian authors and creators.

Through its comprehensive range of publishing services, Amaayo Publishing empowers authors, researchers, and institutions to showcase their work professionally, protect their intellectual property, and reach a wider audience. With a commitment to quality and integrity, the institution plays a crucial role in advancing the publishing landscape in Indonesia and promoting the valuable contributions of Indonesian authors and creators on both national and international platforms.