Amor Fati Institute Journal Center, established by Dr. Husna Nashihin in 2022, is a distinguished platform that has made significant contributions to the academic community. The center has successfully published a range of national and international journals, showcasing its commitment to scholarly research and interdisciplinary studies.

One notable publication from the Amor Fati Institute Journal Center is the “International Journal of Post Axial: Futuristic Teaching and Learning.” This journal serves as a platform for researchers and educators to explore innovative teaching methodologies and cutting-edge approaches in education. By focusing on post-axial perspectives, it contributes to the advancement of teaching and learning practices in a rapidly evolving world.

Another prominent journal housed by the center is “EMRALD: International Journal of Social Sciences.” This esteemed publication provides a space for researchers to delve into various aspects of social sciences, including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and political science. It serves as a valuable resource for scholars seeking to address contemporary social issues and contribute to the broader understanding of society.

Amor Fati Institute Journal Center also hosts “Amorti: Jurnal Studi Islam Interdisipliner,” a journal dedicated to interdisciplinary studies in Islamic studies. This platform facilitates academic discourse on diverse topics within the realm of Islamic studies, including theology, philosophy, law, and culture. It fosters a holistic and inclusive understanding of Islam, promoting dialogue and critical thinking within the scholarly community.

Additionally, the center publishes “JIPSI: Jurnal Ilmu Pendidikan dan Sains Islam Interdisipliner.” This journal focuses on the intersection of education and Islamic sciences, offering a platform for researchers and educators to explore the application of Islamic principles in educational settings. It contributes to the development of innovative pedagogical approaches and the advancement of Islamic educational theories.

The Amor Fati Institute Journal Center has emerged as a prominent hub for academic research, facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations and promoting intellectual growth. Through its diverse range of journals, it fosters knowledge dissemination, scholarly exchange, and the advancement of various fields of study. Under the leadership of Dr. Husna Nashihin, the center has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and has become a vital contributor to the academic community.